This newsletter is for mid-senior weight content marketers and copywriters

Hey there! I’m Brad. I’m a Content Lead at GoCardless.

After a few years in the content/copywriting game, I started noticing that all I see is the same advice being shared over and over. It’s great for beginners, but we aren’t that anymore.

So there’s one question I want to relentlessly focus on answering:

What should middle-senior weight content marketers / copywriters do to ensure they’re at the top of their game?

This newsletter is essentially my diary while I explore. Come along for the ride – I’d love to have you.


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Brad Ewin
✍️ Content Lead @ GoCardless 🇬🇧 💡 Figuring out all things content strategy, writing, design – and career progression – for middle/senior-weights 👉 See the rest of my projects at